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Committee Members

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Committee Members

Search Committee Co-Chairs

Kathleen Neset
State Board of Higher Education Member 

Kim Wray
WSC Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Search Committee

Hunter Berg
Executive Director of WSC Foundation

Patrick Bertagnolli
Director of Roughrider Center and community enhancement, Watford City

Yarenci Gonzalez
WSC Student Senate President

Kristina Kitchens
WSC Student Finance Associate

Jayden Olson
WSC Athletic Director

Taylor Olson
Attorney, Williston

Terry Olson
Past Director of WSC Foundation

Gail Raasakka
WSC Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Steve Shirley
President of Minot State University

Dr. Kim Weismann
WSC Professor of Communication

Charge to the Committee

The search for the President of Williston State College has begun and is expected to conclude April 2021. As a search committee member, we will ask that you commit to the timeline and search expectations that are presented to you today.
  1. Attend and participate in all search committee meetings – it is anticipated that the committee will meet to review candidate applications, participate in preliminary interviews and hold one additional meeting to develop committee recommendations for the board.
  2. Treat committee members and candidates in a respectful and unbiased manner.
  3. Participate in discussions that relate to the identification of priorities and personal and professional attributes sought in the next President.
  4. Draw upon connections to support recruitment efforts.
  5. Promote diversity in the applicant pool and ensure no discrimination consistent with State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) Policy 603.2.
  6. Review all candidate applications and prepare to identify a short list of candidates for additional screening and consideration.
  7. Assist with development of interview questions.
  8. Give all candidates fair consideration and identify a short list of candidates for preliminary interviews
  9. Participate in preliminary interviews with candidates and following preliminary interviews, identify candidates to be invited as finalists.
  10. Assist with interview visits – as needed.
  11. Recommend to the SBHE individual strengths and concerns regarding each final candidate. (Those selected as finalists)
  12. Following appointment by the SBHE, assist the president with a smooth transition to the University community.
  13. Comply with all ND laws and SBHE policies and procedures.

*It is critical that the committee act professionally in the conduct of its business. At no time can committee members discuss committee business outside of the open meeting structure. All public comments should be made exclusively by the search chair.  Training on open records and open meetings will occur at the first search committee meeting.
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