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Aaliyah Moon

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Aaliyah Moon

Studied AA at Williston State College
Class of 2020
Students [on Scholarship]

Name: Aaliyah Moon

Hometown: Culbertson, MT

Scholarship: Regional County Scholarship

Why WSC?
"You get one-on-one interaction with professors. I'm not just a number. Some of my friends who go to larger schools don't know their professors. Here I get additional help if needed and the teachers are just as qualified, if not more."

What have you enjoyed most?
"I've enjoyed the people I've met. We have a lot of diverse students here from different countries, states, and from across this state."

How has the scholarship made a difference?
"If I didn't have this scholarship, I couldn't afford college. I wouldn't be able to have the education I have now and without this laying the foundation, I wouldn't have gotten the other scholarships that I have for my next two years after WSC. I wouldn't be here if not for the scholarship."
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