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New Student Registration

Students new to WSC are able to attend our registration days or schedule a time to meet with their advisor on their own. In order to register for classes and attend a registration day, students MUST be accepted for admission. Students that sign up for a registration day that are not accepted will not be assigned a time.

Registration Days 2021 have passed for the fall semester.

Once a student completes the registration day request form below, Enrollment Services will receive this request. A confirmation email will be sent out shortly regarding the time and any other information the student may need that day. Reminder texts will also be sent out the week of and day of. Any changes that need to be made such as a cancellation or time change needs to be reported to Enrollment Services. Contact information is below!

Check out our Registration FAQ.

If you need to sign up for your courses, be sure to contact your advisor to schedule a time. If you are unsure who your advisor is, please contact the Enrollment Services Office.

Returning Student Registration

To enroll for the next semester, returning students just need to follow these steps:

  1. Check for holds. To view your holds, sign in to Campus Connection. Select student center and then view holds. An advisor and financial obligation agreement hold will be placed on your account each semester. Other holds such as delinquent account, awareness education requirement or academic suspension will need to be taken care of prior to re-enrolling.
  2. Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. You can view your advisor in your Campus Connection account under your student center. All students are required to meet with their advisor.
  3. Register for your classes. Login to Campus Connection to enroll in classes.
Having trouble remembering how to enroll or how to remove your financial obligation agreement?
View our Student Enrollment Process guide for assistance.

Enrollment Services

Stevens Hall, 105
p. 701.774.4200
t. 701.595.7389
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