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Financial Aid Application and Eligibility

General Eligibility

To be eligible for federally funded financial aid programs, applicants must meet the following general eligibility criteria:
Have a valid Social Security Number
Have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate (GED/HiSET/TASC) or have completed home schooling at the secondary level
Be fully admitted to WSC and enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an approved program at WSC for the purpose of obtaining a certificate or degree
Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress toward completion of a certificate or degree
Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe repayment of a federal grant
Be registered with Selective Service, if required
Be enrolled at least half time (six credits) for most programs (except Pell)
Have financial need, except for some loans
Certify that financial aid funds will be used only for educational purposes
Please note: Students who are convicted for the sale or possession of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred while receiving federal student aid (grants, loans and/or work-study) may be ineligible to receive federal aid. Check your eligibility by completing the Student Aid Eligibility Worksheet.
Maintaining Eligibility
In addition to initial eligibility requirements, students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements at the end of each semester.
SAP is reviewed and monitored prior to awarding of any aid, at the end of each semester of enrollment, and prior to disbursement the following semester.
In general, students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and complete at least 67% of courses attempted.
Students must also complete their degree objective within 150% of the average length of their program to continue eligibility for federal funding.
For details on Satisfactory Academic Progress, view WSC's SAP Policies for Financial Aid.
Regaining Eligibility
A student who loses eligibility for federal aid has two options for regaining eligibility:
A student who enrolls in a term at his/her own expense and successfully meets necessary academic progress standards can have his/her aid reinstated the following term (if all other eligibility criteria are met).
If circumstances beyond the student's control prevented him/her from meeting satisfactory progress requirements, the student may file an appeal for reconsideration. If the appeal is approved, the student's aid will be reinstated on a probationary basis.
For details on Satisfactory Academic Progress, view WSC's SAP Policies for Financial Aid.
Applying for Financial Aid
Students apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA. FAFSA on the Web is a quick and easy format that usually provides results in 7-10 days.
Applicants who provide an email address when completing their FAFSA will receive a response email once their FAFSA has been processed. Included in this email is their Student Aid Report or SAR. Applicants who do not provide an email will receive a paper version in the mail.
When you receive your SAR you should check it for accuracy and make corrections if needed. If you are unsure on how to make changes you can contact our office for assistance.
Students should apply for federal and institutional aid each year by the priority deadline of April 15 in order to be considered for limited funds for the following academic year.
For the Spring and Summer 2018 Semesters students need to complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA
For the Fall 2018 Semester students need to complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA
Receiving Financial Aid
After you have applied for admission and completed any needed verification of your FAFSA you will receive an award notice from WSC.
Your award letter will show you your official Expected Family Contribution (EFC) which is the amount you and your family are expected to contribute to your educational costs for the year.
Award notices are sent based on an assumption that students are going to attend full time. Adjustments for less than full time attendance will be make on or around the 10th calendar day of class.
If additional financial assistance is received for you, such as but not limited to, 3rd party payments, scholarships, or tuition assistance, your awards may be adjusted and a new award letter will be sent to you.
For more information on important Financial Aid Policies that can affect your eligibility for financial aid, please visit our financial aid policy page or contact our office with questions.
Disbursement of Financial Aid
Unless otherwise noted, financial aid is disbursed in 2 installments; one half is disbursed during fall semester and one half is disbursed during spring semester.
Summer financial aid is only available if you have remaining aid from fall and spring. Summer financial aid is disbursed in one installment.
Once we have received a FAFSA and completed any necessary verification processes, your financial aid funds will be applied to your applicable institutional charges (including tuition, fees, books room and board), approximately two to three weeks after the beginning of the semester.
If you owe more than you receive in financial aid, you will need to pay the remaining balance by the fee payment deadline.
If your financial aid is greater than the balance you owe WSC, the excess aid may be direct deposited in your personal bank account.  
Students who do not sign up for direct deposit will have a paper check available in the student finance office.
Students with excess aid funds will be notified via their official WSC email account.