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Counselor Toolbox

Counselor Toolbox

Offering Williston State College's Early Entry courses through our on-line, IVN, WSC campus or even right at your school opens up a potential of opportunities for your students, parents, and staff.

Whether a student is interested in taking a General Education Required Transferability Agreement (GERTA) course or is interested in taking courses to earn a certification or associates degree, we work with your school to establish educational opportunities that enrich the academic levels of all students at a fraction of regular tuition costs.

For a student to be eligible to take Early Entry courses, they must be a sophomore, junior or a senior. To view more details regarding eligibility, please refer to NDUS Procedure 402.3.2.

Useful Resources:

WSC Course Schedule-View our current class schedule for courses being offered and class numbers.

Student Early Entry Process- Find out how your students can get started with the Early Entry process.

Paying for Early Entry Courses- Tuition and Fee information.

Student Services- Find information about Accessibility Support Services, how to obtain a Student ID, and so much more.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)- Information pertaining to FERPA.

How to Request an Official College Transcript- If your senior is ready to transfer to another institution, an official transcript will need to be requested.

Transitioning from an Early Entry student to a First-Year with WSC- Is your senior ready to attend WSC? This page will help get them started.

Early Entry Handbook

Early Entry Forms:

Early Entry Enrollment Form

Student Course Drop Form

Williston State College is regionally accredited the Higher Learning Commissions.  For more information please access the following link WSC Accreditation.

If you have any questions regarding our Early Entry program, please call 701.774.4200, text 701.595.7389 or email