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Counseling Services

WSC Counseling Services fosters student development by integrating mental health services into the educational environment.

Some typical difficulties that students bring to counseling:

Excessive anxiety for no apparent reason

Eating or sleeping differently

Withdrawal or lack of interest in daily activities Drinking too much or using/abusing drugs

Sudden shifts in mood and/or behavior

Physical, sexual, emotional abuse by others

An unusual amount of irritability or suspicious behavior towards another person

Prolonged feelings of despair, unhappiness, or hopelessness

Thinking about suicide

Students have options for counseling at WSC.

1. Telemed Via WSC's Counseling Consortium
To schedule, Call: 701-774-4585 or Email

2. Telemed Via Northern Prairie Community Clinic (NPCC)
WSC has partnered with Northern Prairie Community Clinic (NPCC) in Grand Forks, ND. NPCC is a training clinic at the University of North Dakota with supervised Master and Doctoral level counseling students. Students may be referred to NPCC through the WSC Counseling office to see an NPCC provider via their own personal computer in the location the student is most comfortable. Students must reside in ND to utilize this service.

WSC students have free online access to Northern Prairie Community Clinic (NPCC) located at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. Counseling takes place over the computer.
To begin counseling:

  1. Read the attached documents from NPCC titled NPCC Read Only
  2. Read and print the documents titled NPCC Print and Fax. Fill out Consent and Intake Forms.
    1. WSC Student Services can assist with printing
  3. Fax the completed forms to 701-777-3845
    1. You can fax on your own OR
    2. WSC Student Services can fax for you (be sure to take your original copies with you to keep or dispose of)
  4. A NPCC provider will contact you via your preferred contact method listed (timeline?)
  5. NPCC does not replace emergency services. If you are in crisis and/or unable to wait for NPCC to establish counseling, please see the below resources.
  6. You will schedule your first appointment and will receive a link via email
  7. You must know your WSC email and password
        1. You can use your own computer with video and microphone set up OR
        2. You can use the WSC Counseling office computer set up
          1. Must be reserved with Kaylyn Bondy at or 701-774-4585

Other Resources available 24/7

In case of emergency, call 911.

Northwest Human Service Center (NWHSC) | 701.774.4600
Mental health agency in Williston with a local counselor available via telephone 24/7 at 701.774.4600. Walk-ins also available during business hours at 316 2nd Ave West.

FirstLink National Hotline | 1.800.273.TALK (8255)
Free listening, support, and suicide prevention.

National Crisis Text Line | Text "go" to 741741
Free and confidential.

Additional questions regarding NPCC or and upcoming new counselor can be directed to Kaylyn Bondy at or 701.774.4585.

Additional Counseling Resources
Active Minds