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Payment Plan Information

Monthly Payment Plan

Agreeing to a Monthly Payment Plan at WSC enables students to space out tuition and fee payments over a four month period.
As long as payments are current, a payment plan eliminates past due balance holds on the student's account and the assessment of late fees.

Monthly payment plans will consist of four installments per term.
No payment plans are offered for summer terms.

The cost of enrolling in a payment plan is $10.00.

In addition, we recommend a down payment equal to approximately 25% of your account balance.
However the minimum required down payment is $250 and must be paid before WSC will finish processing enrollment.

Down payments can be made online through Campus Connection, phone, mail, or delivered to the Student Services Office.

Enrollment fees can made online or in person by filling out the online form in the Student Accounts Office.

To enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan please review the payment plans terms and fill out the enrollment form Please make sure to write down the Enrollment code at the end of the terms page.  This is REQUIRED for the payment plan form to be submitted.

A Monthly Payment Plan Estimator is also available to assist with monthly payment amounts.
Once you have completed the enrollment form; the form and payment will be sent to the Student Accounts Office. 
After completing the form, please log into Campus Connections to pay your $250 minimum down payment.  Down payments can also be delivered to the WSC Student Accounts Office in the Student Services Office. 
Payment plans will not be processed until these are received.

If you have any questions, please call:

Kristina Kitchens
Student Finance Associate
Stevens Hall
1.888.863.9455 ext. 4299