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Laws, Policies, & Procedures

WSC Policies & Procedures
Williston State College follows the policies and procedures of the State Board of Higher Education (SBHE) which is the policy-making body for the North Dakota University System (NDUS) and the state's 11 public colleges and universities. NDUS procedures are used to implement SBHE policies. Any requests for NDUS procedures should be directed to the NDUS office.

NDUS/SBHE Policies & Procedures

NDUS Procedure 1912 - Public Records

SBHE Policy 1912 - Litigation Hold

North Dakota Century Code

NDCC § 12.1-11-05 - Tampering with Public Records

NDCC Chapter 44-04 - Duties, Records, and Meetings

NDCC § 44-04-17.1 - Definitions

NDCC § 44-04-18 - Access to Public Records - Electronically Stored Information

NDCC Chapter 54-46 - Records Management

NDCC § 55-02.1-01 - Archival Resources Defined

NDCC § 55-02.1-05 - Depositories of Archival Resources

North Dakota Open Records Information

ND Attorney General - Open Records/Meetings

ND Attorney General - Open Records Guide

ND Attorney General - Open Records Manual