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Support And Resources

Williston State College provides a wide variety of resources and support services for Online Students.  Please utilize the buttons on the right to access some of these services.

Credit for Prior Learning

Williston State College permits students to demonstrate college level competency and establish college credits by successfully completing portfolio(s) demonstrating and documenting learning gained from non-academic sources equivalent to traditional non-resident courses. Prior learning is designated as traditional, non-resident credit.Some examples are certification such as First Aid CPR, Military Training, Industrial Certifications etc.  For additional information please open the Credit for Prior Learning Document below. For questions please contact Katie Peterson 701.774.4594

Credit for Prior Learning Form

Proctor Information

Some courses require students to utilize a proctor to take course exams.  A proctor is an individual selected by the student and approved by the course instructor to administer and monitor tests for online courses throughout the semester.  Please be aware that some proctors do charge for proctoring services, this charge is the responsibility of the student. Each student must follow the following guidelines set by WSC when selecting a proctor:
1.      Proctors may not be a family member
2.      Approved proctors include*:

  • Librarian
  • Teacher
  • School Administrator
  • High School Counselor

*Please note that some students may not have access to the above.  If this occurs, the instructor may allow proctors with a professional background, this is up to the discretion of the instructor.  WSC reserves the right to deny the students choice of proctor at any time.
It is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that each student receives a proctor form at the beginning of the semester.  Many instructors post this form on their Blackboard course page.
Any questions regarding proctors should be directed to the instructor of your course.


HippoCampus is a library of over 5,000 digital learning objects from 20 collections across many subject areas.  Objects include presentations, simulations, worked examples, test prep, activities, and other multimedia instructional formats, all browsable by subject or collection. Click the button on the right to access Hippocampus.

Student Handbooks

Check the handbooks below for information on online and IVN information and expectations for Students.

Student ELearning Handbook