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Liberal Arts Transfer (AA)


Associate in Arts Degrees are awarded to students who complete courses consisting primarily of diverse, introductory level material in preparation for transfer to baccalaureate programs. The basis of study is in communications, humanities, social science, mathematics, science, computer science, and wellness; with humanities and social science areas being the primary areas of emphasis.




A.      Completion of at least 62 semester credits including:  
  1. English Composition (ENGL 110 & 120) 6 credits
  2. Fundamentals of Public Speaking (COMM 110) 3 credits
  3. Humanities & Social Science 18 credits
  Minimum of 6 credits in each area.  
  4. Mathematics, Science, Computer Science 9 credits
  Minimum of 3 math credits (Math 103 or higher), 1 lab science, and 1 computer science course.
  5. Wellness 2 credits
See Areas of Study for qualifying general education courses in these areas
B.      2.00 (C) minimum institutional grade point average.
C.      Minimum of 16 credits completed in residence
D.      Successful completion of ASC 100 - Freshman Seminar (1 credit)
E.       Maximum of 12 S/U graded credits (program approval required for 13 or more)
F.       Maximum of 15 CLEP subject exam credits; 0 CLEP general exam credits
G.     Maximum of 15 credits for prior learning.