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Counseling Services

WSC Counseling fosters student development by integrating short-term intervention style counseling services into the educational environment.

Student options for counseling at WSC: 

1. Face-to-Face Counseling 

To schedule, Call: 701-774-4212 or email

2. Telemed 

To schedule, Call: 701-774-4212 or email

Typical challenges students bring to counseling:
Excessive anxiety for no apparent reason
Withdrawal or lack of interest in daily activities
Sudden shifts in mood and/or behavior 
An unusual amount of irritability or suspicious behavior towards another person
Thinking about suicide
Eating or sleeping differently
Drinking too much or using/abusing drugs
Physical, sexual, emotional abuse by others
Prolonged feelings of despair, unhappiness, or hopelessness 

Other Resources available 24/7

In case of emergency, call 911.

Northwest Human Service Center (NWHSC) | 701.774.4600
Mental health agency in Williston with a local counselor available via telephone 24/7 at 701.774.4600. Walk-ins also available during business hours at 316 2nd Ave West.

FirstLink National Hotline | 1.800.273.TALK (8255)
Free listening, support, and suicide prevention.

National Crisis Text Line | Text "go" to 741741
Free and confidential.

Additional Counseling Resources
Active Minds