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"W Grade" FAQs

Is a "W" bad on my transcript?
A "W" is not necessarily a bad thing to have on your transcript. Often, withdrawing from a course is a responsible decision students make so they can focus on their remaining credits and take the course during a different semester when they can focus more on the course. Once the W is filed, you stop attending the class so you can focus on the other classes in your schedule.

Multiple "W"s in a semester and throughout one's career may indicate to someone looking at your transcript that you may not be the best at following through and finishing what you started. Withdrawing from courses after tuition and financial aid has been calculated can also have effects.

Is it OK to drop this class?
Dropping a class is unique to most students' plan of study and financial situation, so you need to think through a few different things before dropping a class. Dropping a class is a good idea when you know you will not do as well as you hoped to do or need to for certain program requirements and allows you to focus on your remaining credits. However, here are a few things you should think about before dropping a class:

·How will dropping this class impact my plan of study?
Was the class a pre-requisite for others and delay other classes you planned to take?
When is the next time the class is offered?
Is there a limit to the number of times you can attempt or repeat the course?
These are all questions you will want to discuss with your advisor.  

· How will dropping this class impact my financial aid?
Certain scholarships, loans, grants, and other sources of financial aid may be impacted
by the number of credits you are enrolled in and the date in which your credit load changes.
Contact Financial Aid to learn how dropping a course will impact your financial aid.  

· The number of credits you have may impact your health or car insurance.
Contact your insurance provider to learn more about their policies regarding credit load for insurance coverage or discounts.  

·Are you a student athlete?
Contact your coach or the Athletic Director to learn more about how dropping a class can impact your eligibility.