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Withdraw/Drop Information

Withdrawing or Dropping from courses?

Do you need to drop a course or withdraw from all of your courses? 

WSC follows the North Dakota University System's policies and procedures for 'Dropping a Class' and 'Withdrawing for a Term'.

Course Drop
This procedure allows students to discontinue enrollment in a particular course, but to maintain enrollment in some courses for the semester.  All course drops must be completed in CampusConnection.  

Withdrawing to Zero Credits  
This procedure allows students to withdraw to zero credits for the semester. Students withdrawing completely from college will not complete this process in CampusConnection, but instead must complete the "Withdraw to Zero Credits".

Administrative Hardship Withdrawal
This procedure allows students file for a hardship withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances.  Students must request the Administrative Hardship Withdrawal form by contacting the Records Office.

Contact Information:                                                                                    
Registrar, Research Analyst      
Stevens Hall, Student Services