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Reverse Transfer

Get your associate degree after transfer!

If you transfer to a university before graduating from Williston State College, you can still earn your associate degree through reverse transfer.
This process recognizes your accomplishments and awards you the important credential you deserve.   

Why should I be interested in a Reverse Transfer (RT) associate degree? An associate degree is a milestone during the progression to a bachelor's degree and the receipt of a reverse transfer associate degree after transfer motivates students to persist toward their bachelor's degree.

Students with an associate degree have higher lifetime earnings, on average, than students with some college but no credential.*   

How do I start the Reverse Transfer process?

1.   Complete the Reverse Transfer Application

2.  Complete the Graduation Application

3.  Submit all other college or university transcripts sent to:
      Williston State College
      Academic Records
      1410 University Avenue
      Williston ND 58801  

Carnevale, Rose, & Cheah, 2011