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Records Forms

Forms below may be pertinent to your records file. When applicable, please complete the form and return to the Academic Records office by e-mailing, faxing to 701.774.4211, or by mailing to:

Williston State College
Academic Records
1410 University Ave.
Williston, ND 58801

WSC Academic Records Policies and Procedures

Student Use Forms

Below is a list of frequently used forms. Please return completed form to

Student Forms Available upon request

Please email 
to receive any of the forms below.  

Bio-Demo Update Form
This form is used to update a name spelling correction, address, or any other bio-demographical information.  
Proper documentation is required with this form.

Hardship Cancellation/Withdrawal Form 
If a student is needing to withdraw from courses at 
Williston State for hardship reasons, this form is required.  

FERPA Release Form 
(Please login using your Campus Connection credentials) 

This form is required for students to have their information released to their parents, guardians, or third party recipient.  

Request for Grade Forgiveness Form
If a student is wishing to request academic forgiveness for terms 5 years or older, this form is required.  
Readmission from Academic Suspension 
If a student is needing to appeal your previous term academic suspension, this form is required.  

Graduation Application 
This application is required in order for your graduation audit to be completed.     


Name Change Request Form 
This form is required to make any changes to your name.  Proper documentation is required with this form.  

Current Students Name Change Form (login with your Campus Connection user id and password)

Former Student Name Change Form (no login required)

Faculty forms available upon request 

Please email 
to receive any of the forms below.

Course Substitution Form FACULTY USE ONLY  
This form is used for a course substitution request 
for a student.   This form must be submitted to the 
Registrar once all areas have been approved. 

Request to view Academic Records
This form is used to request a viewing of specific academic records.  Any records requested may only be mailed or faxed.  

This form is used for grade changes by instructors.  
A form must be submitted for each student that
a grade change is needed for.

Student Advisor/Program Change Form
(Please login using your Campus Connection credentials.)
This form is used to change a student's advisor 
as well as program of student.  

Student Withdrawal to Zero Credits Form 
This form should be filled out when you are planning to 
withdraw from all of your coursework at Williston State. This form will be routed through all areas of Student Services to ensure your withdrawal from school is processed correctly for enrollment and financial purposes.  


Course Override Request
This form is used to request an override into a course 
due to a time conflict, maximum credit load, or requisites  

Withhold Directory Information Request Form
This form is required if you wish to withhold particular information.