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Sociology (SOC)

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Introductory analysis of the nature of society, the interrelationships of its component groups, and the process whereby society persists and changes; interpretation of human behavior in groups.

SOC 115 | SOCIAL PROBLEMS  ( 3 credits)
Sociological analysis of major social problems in America.

SOC 220 | FAMILY  ( 3 credits)
A sociological examination of the development of the family as a social institution. An emphasis is given to mate selection problems, courtship, marriage, child-parent relationships, divorce and later years of marriage. Also the contemporary American family from the standpoint of social class, ethnic background and family situations. Practical problems in communications and child rearing are also explored.     

SOC 235 | CULTURAL DIVERSITY  (3 credits)
This course examines the historical development of American ethnic and cultural diversity, including Native American, and places that diversity in global perspective. 

SOC 299 | SPECIAL TOPICS  ( 1-3 credits)
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Examination of special topics in sociology taught at the sophomore level; topics that include but are not limited to marriage and family, aging, rural issues, and community organizing.