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Religion (RELS)

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RELS 116 | WOMEN IN RELIGION  (3 credits)
An examination of the role women have played in religious thought throughout history: as goddesses and mythic figures, as religious leaders, and as spiritual guides.

RELS 120 | RELIGION IN AMERICA  (3 credits)
Study of religious life in America; emphasis placed on the role of religion in the development of American life and character.

 RELS 203 | WORLD RELIGIONS  (3 credits) 
An introduction to the origin and major tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

RELS 220 | OLD TESTAMENT  (3 credits)
A study of the religious, political, and social history of ancient Israel as reflected in the Hebrew Bible.

RELS 230 | NEW TESTAMENT  (3 credits)
An overview of the developments in the primitive Christian community as reflected in the New Testament.