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Welding Technology (COC) Metal Inert Gas

Required program credits for COC: 15 or less


Program applications will be provided by WSC Admissions to students applying to the Welding program. Program instructors will review the qualifications of each applicant. Each applicant will be notified about his or her acceptance into the program. A total of 15 students will be admitted with alternates selected. Accepted students enroll in program courses for the following fall. Students not selected are given priority to enroll in program courses the next academic year, and are encouraged to take General Education courses in the meantime. These criteria for admission apply to the Welding AAS, PC, & COC's.


The student will be able to:

  1. Measure and cut material accurately.
  2. Read and understand blueprints and welding symbols.
  3. Weld fillet and groove welds in all positions with the process of his/her choice.
  4. Fabricate parts.
  5. Repair weldments.


WELD 121 | Welding Theory and Safety for Semi-Automatic Processes (2 credits)
WELD 122 | Wire Feed and Welding Certification Lab (4 credits)
WELD 213 | Metal Fabrication Lab (3 credits)

*In addition to the program specific requirements, please see the general graduation requirements for CTE programs.