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Petroleum Production Technology (PC) Automation & Control

Minimum required credits for the Program Certificate (PC): 30


The Automation and Control Technician path is composed of two different certificates: Certificate of Completion (COC) and the Program Certificate (PC). Sixteen additional credit hours of coursework beyond the COC are required. All the courses completed in the COC are part of the PC. Coursework will be completed in SCADA fundamentals, networks and wiring, process control, control system installation, and troubleshooting. CO-OP field experience is a big part of the curricula activities for students. In the CO-OP course students go to sponsoring company facilities in the area and "shadow" experienced field technicians observing first-hand the job responsibilities and duties. Students can also gain actual on-the-job skill training and experience through internships. The internships are usually done in the summer following the CO-OP.


The student will be able to:

  1. Perform skill based activities related to petroleum production and field service.
  2. Demonstrate technical knowledge regarding oil & gas operations.
  3. Display professionalism in appearance, job performance, and ability to work as team members.
  4. Communicate effectively with diverse individuals through the use of verbal and nonverbal skills, written abilities, and active listening.
  5. Identify and demonstrate competence related to safety issues in the oil & gas production industry. 


CIS 164 | Networks Fundamentals I (3 credits)
COOP 197 | Cooperative Education/Internship (1 credit)
PTLO 104 | Industrial Safety (2 credits)
TECH 103 | Direct & Alt. Current Circuit Analysis (4 credits)
TECH 105 | Digital Logic & Circuit Analysis (4 credits)
TECH 143 | Programmable Logic Controller Fund. (4 credits)
TECH 200 | Process Control & Instrumentation (3 credits)
TECH 210 | SCADA Fundamentals (2 credits)
TECH 220 | Control Systems & Troubleshooting (4 credits)

*In addition to the program specific requirements, please see the general graduation requirements for CTE programs.

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