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Information Technology (AAS)

Minimum required credits for AAS: 62


The Information Technology program is designed to prepare students with a solid foundation in computer diagnosis and repair, network administration, server installation and administration, and technology security. In addition, students will have the opportunity to receive training in computer programming, web and graphic design and automation technology.


The student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate computer network installation, maintenance, and repair skills.

2. Design, install, and troubleshoot a Local Area Network (LAN).

3. Describe the fundamentals of Wide Area Networking (WAN).

4. Apply knowledge and interact with Windows server technologies to manage users, active directory, network infrastructure configuration, and server applications.

5. Demonstrate a knowledge of computer network security concepts and techniques.

6. Demonstrate a knowledge of basic project management concepts and management tools.

7. Perform fundamental desktop management skills using a Linux based operating system.

8. Demonstrate a knowledge of wireless LAN.

9. Troubleshoot and repair computer hardware and software problems.


CIS 128 | Microcomputer Hardware I (3 credits)
CIS 129 | Microcomputer Hardware II (3 credits)
CIS 141 | Introduction to Cyber Security (3 credits)
CIS 164 | Networking Fundamentals I (3 credits)
CIS 165 | Networking Fundamentals II (3 credits)
CIS 212 | MS Windows OS Client (3 credits)
CIS 215 | Implementing MS Windows Server (3 credits)
CIS 220 | Operating System -UNIX (3 credits)
CIS 241 | Digital Forensics Fundamentals (3 credits)
CIS 267 | Intermediate Networking I (3 credits)
CIS 268 | Intermediate Networking II (3 credits)
COOP 197 | Cooperative Education/Internship (0.5 credits)
CSCI | Programming Course (see list) (3-4 credits)


In addition to the above program requirements, the following courses can be taken to fulfill the required programing course requirement for an AAS in Information Technology. All courses except for TECH 143 are taught online via the consortium and are subject to change.

CSCI 122 | Visual Basic (3 credits)
CSCI 124 | Beginning C++/Visual C++ (3 credits)
CSCI 127 | Beginning JAVA/J++ (3 credits)
CSCI 160 | Computer Science I (4 credits)
CSCI 161 | Computer Science II (4 credits)
CSCI 172 | Intermediate Visual Basic (3 credits)
CSCI 174 | Intermediate C++/Visual C++ (3 credits)
TECH 143 | Prog. Logic Control Fundamentals (4 credits)

*In addition to the above program specific requirements, please see the general graduation requirements for CTE programs.

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