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Accreditation Documents

This page lists documents that are specific to WSC's accreditation status through the Higher Learning Commission.

A requirement of the AQIP pathway for accreditation is having at least three Action Projects active at all times throughout the year. Click here to view active and most recently completed action projects for WSC.

WSC received notification of Reaffirmation in November 2012. The seven-year cycle of accreditation will begin again in 2013. For more accreditation information on WSC, click here.

Comprehensive Visit Report 1999
1999 Comprehensive Visit Response (2000)
Institutional Actions Council 2000
2011 Systems Portfolio
2011 Systems Appraisal Feedback Report
Statement of Affiliation Status 2012
Organizational Profile 2012
Institution History 2012
2012 Quality Checkup Final Report
2012 PTSC Additional Location Confirmation Report
2012 Reaffirmation Report
2012 Reaffirmation
2015 Systems Portfolio
2015 Systems Appraisal Feedback Report