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Budget Team

Role and Responsibilities

1. Serve in an advisory capacity regarding the fiscal operations and College budget
2. Provide direction regarding implementation of the Strategic Plan
3. Develop a budget process which identifies assumptions and To develop a budget process which identifies priorities for the planning process   and seeks to identify and meet  the requirements and needs of the College
4. Provide advice and recommendations on ways to better and more efficiently manage College resources
5. Educate and increase the College awareness of the College's finances, the funding process, state requirements, and available resources
6. Communicate and understand concerns and weaknesses, and strong points of the College


Serve in an advisory capacity and provide input and guidance in the development of the College's annual operating and capital budgets:
1. Develop timelines for process
2. Develop budget assumptions and priorities
3. Develop a process for departments to submit budget requests
4. Provide recommendations regarding the budget requests to Executive Cabinet
 5. Review and recommend annual operating and capital budgets to Executive Cabinet for approval
6. Promote the long-term financial stability of the college through the development of an operating budget that incorporates objectives 3 to 5 years into future
7. Review the financial status of the college on a monthly basis. Promote the education and awareness of College finances and funding


AQIP 1 A Chair
AQIP 1 B Chair
AQIP 2 Chair
AQIP 3 Chair
AQIP 4 Chair
AQIP 5 Chair
AQIP 6 Chair

Lance Olson / Bob Benson
Amanda Davis / Monica Struck
 Kirby Lund
Derek Vander Molen
Wendy McGinley
Clay Sponable
Jamie Montgomery