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Higher Education Research Institute Faculty Survey

2010 HERI Faculty Survey

The HERI Faculty Survey is designed to measure these and other timely issues impacting faculty and administrators today. Since 1989 more than 350,000 faculty and administrators from 1,200 two- and four-year institutions have participated in this comprehensive survey.

Results from the HERI Faculty Survey are particularly useful in discussions about pedagogy, and how it relates to students' experience on campus. Institutions participating in the HERI Faculty Survey have used the results to provide a faculty perspective on planning and policy analysis, enhance faculty development programming, and improve the student learning experience. Additionally, faculty survey data have been cited in self-studies in accreditation both to support an evidence -based approach to institutional improvement and as evidence for specific accreditation standards. 

The HERI is conducted by the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) and the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA. For more information, visit the HERI website.

How do faculty perceive your institutional priorities?
How do faculty spend their time inside and outside the classroom?
Have changes at your institution as a result of the economy affected faculty?
What kinds of goals and expectations do your faculty have for students?
What pedagogical strategies are your faculty using to engage students to meet those goals and expectations?
What are the biggest sources of stress and satisfaction among your faculty?
How are your faculty connecting learning in the classroom with practices in the local and global community?