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Assessment Academy

The Academy for Assessment of Student Learning offers HLC member institutions a four-year sequence of events and interactions that are focused on student learning, targeted at accelerating and advancing efforts to assess and improve student learning, and designed to build institution-wide commitment to assessment of student learning. In 2011, Williston State College began participating in the Assessment Academy. The Instructional Effectiveness Team, also known as AQIP 1 Helping Students Learn, plays a key role in managing the Assessment Academy Project. Listed below is the different groups that have or will attend Assessment Academy events. 

The first team went to the Higher Learning Commission meeting in October 2010. The result of this meeting is that WSC became a member of the Assessment Academy. 

Team Members
Kim Weismann
Derek VanderMolen
Buck Dannar
Pam Gardner

The second team attended the Assessment Academy in June 2011. The meeting was our first as a member of the Assessment Academy. During the three days, the team listened to HLC members and mentors outline the assessment process. The primary benefit and result from the meeting was the initial setup of WSC's assessment plan. 

Team Members
Matt Peterson
Patrick Hatlestad 
Jim Stout 
Steven Grunenwald
Lance Olson
Diane Anderson
Bruce Dannar
Wanda Meyer

The third team attended the Results Forum in June, 2015. Institutional Teams received consultation and critique from mentors, networked and shared best practices with other institutions. 

Tentative Team Members
Ryan Avery
Derek VanderMolen
Matt Peterson
Robert Benson

* For additional information regarding the assessment process within the Instructional Division CLICK HERE*

Official Assessment Academy Project Resources
July 2011 Original Project  Comprehensive Outcomes Plan (COP) 
Assessment Report (Submitted Fall 2014)  Student Learning Outcomes & Program Reviews 
  Program Outcome Guide Template (POG) 
  Course Outcome Guide Template (COG) 
  Tentative Diversity Assessment Rubric 
  Tentative Reasoning Assessment Rubric 
  Tentative Wellness Assessment Rubric  
  Tentative Writing Skills Assessment Rubric  
  2012 SLO completion diagram 
  Culture of Assessment Results Spring 2013