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Staff Senate

The Staff Senate shall be the representative body of staff to serve the following objectives and purposes:

          To foster a spirit of unity and cooperation as a participant along with Faculty Senate and Student
          Senate in College governance.

          To serve as an active communication link for meaningful information exchange between staff and
          administration relative to issues of mutual concern.

          To provide open meetings to express, propose, represent, investigate, and debate issues.  The staff
          senate, acting as an official and responsible voice in College governance, will recommend action on
          issues which receive majority approval of the senators.

          To advise the President with regard to working conditions and employment practices, including
          recognition, compensation and other pertinent issues.

          To promote awareness of opportunities and encourage staff involvement in the activities and
          operation of the College.

          If interested in requesting past meeting minutes, please contact the Faculty Senate President.

 WSC Staff Senate Bylaws                                                                                  WSC Staff Senate Constitution

2017-2018 STAFF SENATORS                                                

Megan Kasner (Office of the President)   Staff Senate President

John Bowkus (Athletics)   Staff Senate Vice President

Kristina Kitchens (Finance) Recorder     

Ryan Avery (Distant Learning)   

Jenae Hunter (Academic Affairs)                                                                                       

Kia Herbel (Athletics)

Desiree Cannon (Student Affairs) 

Joshua Jeffries (IT)

Currently Vacant (Campus Services)

Jamie Montgomery (Bookstore)

Stacy Ribich (TRAIN ND)

Renee Gerard (Adult Learing)

Faye Krogen  (Faculty Representative)