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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services provides repair and maintenance services to all College buildings and utility distribution to the campus, and manages all contract maintenance and utility improvement activities.

Call x4578-Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Maintenance Services
·    Building maintenance
·    Air conditioning
·    Carpentry
·    Electrical service
·    Heating and Ventilation
·    Elevators
·    Food service equipment
·    Keys, locks, hardware
·    Painting and finishing
·    Plumbing
·    Roofing and water proofing
·    Stores: parts, tools, supplies
·    Windows, glass, blinds

Utilities Services
·    Central heating and cooling
·    Temperature/climate control
·    Electric power
·    Natural gas
·    Sanitary and storm sewers
·    Water

College Services
·    Environmental health & safety
·    Moving, furniture and equipment

To Request Services:
·    Emergency repairs and services - call the Facilities Office at x4578 during office hours, or Security at 570-6699, after hours.
·    Routine repairs and services- complete a School Dude Ticket.

Maintenance Priorities:
 Assure needs are addressed in an order that best serve the interests of the College, faculty, staff, and students:
·    Safety and Health: Urgent needs to protect personal well-being and property.
·    Breakdowns: Utility or equipment failures, and facilities damage.
·    Planned Maintenance: Scheduled repairs and replacements.
·    Routine Maintenance: Repairing minor defects.
·    Projects: Planned activities to replace or improve existing facilities and equipment.

           Fiscal Responsibility of Maintenance Costs.

·    The Facilities Office typically does not charge departments or individuals for building maintenance and utility services.
·    Non-maintenance services requiring the labor of Facilities including Custodial Office employees or contractors are charged to the requesting department. These include:

    o    moving furniture, equipment or deliveries;
    o    discretionary building and furnishings improvements;
    o    Special furnishings arrangements (setups) for special events.
    o    Campus resources including equipment and ancillary supplies.

·    Special furnishings arrangements (setups) for special events are scheduled through the Conference Services office, x4557, and are billed to departmental accounts.
·    Special repair services required due to vandalism are charged to responsible individuals through the appropriate College office.