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Grounds Services

Grounds Services
The Facilities department has secured outside contracting for grounds service that will begin during the last week of April and continuing through the last week of October.

Facilities Department Staff Services:

·    Remove snow from streets, walks and parking surfaces and ice from sidewalks on campus and in designated off-campus areas.

Contracted Services include:

·    Weekly mowing, edging, trimming, weeding and blowing off sidewalks and pathways.
·    Spring Cleanup.
·    Parking Lot sweep.
·    Startup and inspection and adjustment of sprinklers and timers.
·    Periodic Fertilization as needed.
·    Fall Cleanup.
·    Sprinkler system blow out and winterization.

To Request Services

·    Emergency Services - Call x4578, the Facilities office, during office hours. After hours, call Security at 570-6699.
·    Routine Services - Call x4578, the Facilities office. If there is no answer, please leave a voice mail message.