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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee at Williston State College is responsible for monitoring and approving proposed curriculum changes that align with WSC's mission. Committee members include faculty representatives from each academic department and various non-voting members.

Policies and Procedures

Voting Members

Diane Anderson - Chair, Math & Sciences Department
Robert Benson - Health & Wellness Department
Beverly Conway - Math & Sciences Department
Tim Delorme - Business Technology & Trades Technology Departments
Kirby Lund - Arts & Human Sciences Department
Gail Raasakka - Health & Wellness Department
Allen TenBusschen - Arts & Human Sciences Department
Leah Windnagle - Business Technology & Trades Technology Departments

Non-Voting Members

Jenae Hunter - Executive Assistant to the VPAA & VPSA
Jen Nebeker - Registrar, Research Analyst
Kimberli Wray - Vice President for Academic Affairs

For more information, please contact Kirby Lund, Curriculum Committee Chair, at

Curriculum Minutes
Curriculum Forms