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North Dakota State Grant (ND Residents)

Other State Grant Information (Non ND Residents)

Alternative Loans

Alternative Loans are non-federal student loans offered by various lenders. Interest rates and loan fees for this type of loan may be higher than what is currently available for federal student loans.  Therefore, federal student loans should be utilized before alternative loans are considered.  Students are encouraged to apply using a credit worthy co-signer in order to obtain the lowest interest rate possible.  If you are interested, please visit lender websites to obtain information regarding the various repayment terms and benefits.

Below is a comprehensive list of alternative loan lenders that have provided loans to students of Williston State College in the last three years and are currently still providing loans.  The WSC Financial Aid Office and its staff do not endorse or accept any incentives, financial or otherwise from any lender.  Lender information is provided as a courtesy and in no way should it be interpreted as a requirement to select one of the lenders listed below.  WSC will process loans from any lender that participates in any educational loan program.

Bank of North Dakota - DEAL (Dakota Education Alternative Loan)
Wells Fargo Education Connection Loan
Sallie Mae Smart Loan

Bureau of Indian Affairs Assistance (BIA)

These funds are available to students who are at least one quarter Native American. Application must be made at the agency where they are registered.

National Guard Tuition Assistance

This program is available to members of the North Dakota National Guard. Contact the National Guard for more information.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans or dependents of veterans may be eligible for educational assistance. Contact the VA Certifying Official at WSC, Kaylyn Bondy or 1-888-863-9455, ext. 4299), for more information. For more information please visit our Veterans Benefits webpage.

A New GI Bill For A New Century: POST - 9/11 GI BILL
The Department of Veterans Affairs has made funds available for Veteran students who are still awaiting their education benefit claim to be processed. Eligible veterans can receive up to a $3000 advance, which will be recouped from future benefit payments. If you are a student who applied for one of VA's education programs and have not yet received your monthly benefit payment for the Fall 2009 term, you can request a one-time advance payment at your local VA Regional Office or through VA's website,

Vocational Rehabilitation

Assistance with tuition, fees, books, or supplies may be available to eligible students experiencing medical or physical disabilities. Contact a local Vocational Rehabilitation Office for application information.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

This program is available to eligible students who are enrolled in a vocational or other program. Contact a local North Dakota Job Service office to apply for funds that may cover tuition, fees, books and supplies. For best consideration application should be made 6 months prior to enrollment.

Workforce Safety and Insurance

This program may be available to students unable to work due to a disability. Funding may include tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Contact the Workforce Safety and Insurance Office for more information.