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Student Senate

WSC Student Senate












Program Overview
WSC Student Senators are a select group of students who represent the student body and act as a liaison between the students, administration, state and community. Senators are official representatives of the college and this position is held high in honor. Members will represent student leadership in an articulate manner, promote the positive image of the college and respond to the student body and college's needs.  

Open Meetings: 8:00 a.m. Mondays in the Teton Lounge

Goals and Purpose

  • Provide current WSC student body with a voice and representation
  • Represent WSC at various campus, community, and state NDSA events 
  • Work closely with other student leadership groups to foster an environment of student leadership on campus  
  • Fairly and justly govern the student organization
  • Create positive relations with other NDUS campuses

For more information or to join Student Senate contact:
Karissa Kjos (701) 774-4213