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Clubs and Organizations

In addition to intellectual enrichment, WSC provides a number of activities and organizations to further develop students' social, cultural, interpersonal, and physical abilities. Students are encouraged to participate in the various on-campus activities and organizations. Organizations currently active on campus are defined below.

Please contact Student Life for any questions concerning any current student activities or to discuss possible new activities on campus at 701.774.4213 or    


Active Minds is a national non-profit organization dedicated to utilizing the student voice to raise mental health awareness among college students. Many mental health challenges first present themselves at college age. Active Minds members plan campus activities aimed at positive mental health, advertise existing professional resources, and offer fellow students support. Membership is open to students who are passionate about eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health and students who have interest in working in the mental health field. Advisor: Leah Hoffman at 701.774.4212 or


The WSC Astronomy Club is open to both WSC students and the public. Anyone interested in learning about current astronomy topics is welcome to attend the monthly meetings. In addition to monthly meetings, sky observation sessions for public outreach and education are held occasionally throughout the year. The observation sessions include the use of a 10-inch LX200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. No prior knowledge necessary. Advisor: Susan Zimmerman at 701.774.4232 or  


The WSC Computer Technology Club is a college-wide club that is designed for students planning careers in information technology, automation technology, computer, or business technology fields. Computer and automation professional development requires knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. The goals of the club are to: complement classroom studies, provide students with opportunities to participate in the information and automation technology community, explore various career opportunities, provide insight and guidance to Computer Technology Club members, help students majoring in information and automation technology be committed to a career, and help students become future leaders in information technology. Membership is open to all current WSC students. Advisors: Alberto Bellina at 701.774.4285 or and Ken Quamme at 701.774.4207 or   


This nondenominational student-led group is a Christian organization that meets regularly during the academic year and provides activities in a Christian atmosphere. Weekly gatherings are small-group style, discussing a wide range of topics through a biblical perspective. Advisor: Steven Grunenwald at 701.774.4255 or  


This club promotes an accepting environment of all students at WSC. Students will help organize and coordinate multicultural events. Advisor: Kim Weismann at 701.774.4503 or  


WSC offers intercollegiate competition in volleyball, men's and women's basketball, men's ice hockey, baseball, and softball. The College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), and the Mon-Dak Athletic Conference. The Athletic teams are collectively known as the "Tetons" and play across the entire country. For more information concerning available scholarships and participation in these sports, please contact Dan Artamenko at 701.774.4546 or visit  


The Massage Therapy Club strives to promote the awareness of the benefits of massage on campus and in the community by providing educational and hands-on sessions for people to learn more about massage. Advisor: Wendy McGinley at 701.774.4293 or   


The Alpha Rho Lota Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor society. Students who have earned 12 semester hours of credit and have earned/maintained a minimum grade point average of 3.20 while enrolled at WSC may become members. The purpose of the organization is to promote scholarships, develop leadership and service, and cultivate fellowship among qualified students of the college. Advisor: Maren Furuseth at 701.774.4298 or  


Skills USA is a national educational organization for college students enrolled in a trade, industrial, technical, or health occupation such as Automotive or Diesel Technology, Carpentry, Information Technology, Automation Technology, Massage Therapy, Nursing, or Welding Activities. Members organize and participate in state and national competitions, community service projects, social activities, and professional development programs. Advisors: Alberto Bellina at 701.774.4285 or and Ken Quamme at 701.774.4207 or   


WSC student ambassadors are a select group of students who interact with prospective students, parents, alumni, and the community as a means to recruit. As official representation of the College, this position is held in high honor. Members will represent students' leadership in an articulate manner, promote the positive image of the College, and respond to the College's needs. Advisor: Jamee Robbins at 701.774.4278 or   


All nursing students are eligible for membership in the Student Nurses Organization. This organization actively promotes and supports nursing and healthcare/wellness at WSC and in the community. Members organize and work on projects throughout the year. Advisor: Gail Raasakka at 701.774.4290 or


The purpose of Student Senate is to advocate for the WSC student body and to act as a liaison for students to the administration, alumni, state and community. Student Senators are a select group and are official representatives of the college and held high in honor. Members represent student leadership in an articulate manner, promote the positive image of the college, and respond to the student body and college's needs. Advisor: Karissa Kjos at 701.774.4213 or


TAB brings new and exciting events to WSC. Members offer the WSC student body opportunities for involvement by developing, planning and executing entertainment, activities, and personal enrichment possibilities. They themselves gain experience in planning and running new and innovative events for their peers. Advisor: Karissa Kjos at 701.774.4213 or


Service learning is defined as combining meaningful community service and reflection to enhance learning and strengthen communities. Service learning should provide experience and growth to the student's academic and personal development. Each student will notice different needs in the community and should express those needs to WSC in order to provide ample involvement for our students in the community. Each student participating must complete 40 hours of service learning during the academic year in order to receive the certificate of completion, letter of recommendation from Dr. Miller, and recognition in the graduation program. Advisors: Karissa Kjos, Maren Furuseth, Kim Weismann.  

 *Organizations who offer scholarships to active student members