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Williams County Graduate Scholarship

Williston State College Williams County Graduate Scholarship

The Fall 2017 WCG Scholarship will cover tuition and fees for up to four consecutive semesters (excluding summer)
for eligible William County high school graduates and GEDs earned in Williams County.

Must be a graduate of an accredited high school or have received a GED in Williams County. The 2017 WCG Scholarship is
available to all qualified graduates regardless of year. Scholarship recipients must maintain the listed requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility

Enroll full-time at WSC starting Fall 2017 as a degree seeking student (scholarship funds 12 to 16 credit hours per semester)
Enroll up to four consecutive semesters (excluding summer)
Maintain good academic standing defined as a 2.0 term GPA or higher at end of semester
Meet all 2017 application deadlines  

May 1, 2017
Submit 2016 WSC Admissions Application & Fee Apply Now
August 21, 2017

Complete FAFSA Application (To apply, visit and click Start a New FAFSA )

This scholarship will cover all remaining tuition and fees after federal Pell and state grants have been applied
to a student's account.

For more information
Williams County Graduate Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Scholarships are dependent on funding and are subject to change.
To support this or any other scholarship please contact the WSCF at 701.572.9275.