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Welding Technology (CP)

The need for energy has created a global explosion in manufacturing, energy, and exploration. Skilled welders are needed more than ever to supply the needs of the different areas.

Student enrolled in this certificate program will be trained in SMAW, FCAW,GMAW, Oxyfuel cutting, and blueprint reading.

25 required program credits

Minimum 30 required credits for Certificate


The student will be able to:

1. Measure and cut material accurately

2. Read and understand blueprints and welding symbols

3. Weld fillet and groove welds in all positions with the process of their choice

4. Fabricate parts

5. Repair weldments


WELD 110  Introduction to Welding Lab - 2 CREDITS
WELD 151 Welding Theory, Technology and Safety - 3 CREDITS
WELD 153 SMAW Welding Lab - 6 CREDITS
WELD 109 Blueprint Reading for Welders - 3 CREDITS
WELD 121 Welding Theory and Safety for Semi-Automatic Processes - 2 CREDITS
WELD 122 Wire Feed and Welding Certification Lab - 6 CREDITS
WELD 131 Layout and Pattern Making Basics - 3 CREDITS
WELD 213 Metal Fabrication Lab - 3 CREDITS
WELD 299 Special Topic - 1 CREDIT

See graduation requirements for CTE programs.

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training for regional energy in north dakota

Funded by U.S. Department of Labor grant #TC-26460-14-60-A-38*