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Arts & Human Sciences

Department Chair: Kim Weismann

Department Chair | Kim Weismann | 701.774.4503

Students planning to complete degrees in the humanities or social sciences may particularly benefit from the Associate in Arts (AA) program. This program provides a strong Liberal Arts foundation and the skills gained are applicable to numerous vocations. 


An Associate in Arts degree consists of diverse, introductory-level courses in general education and professional areas. An AA degree requires at least 62 semester credit hours. This degree prepares students for transfer to a variety of baccalaureate programs and meets the General Education Transfer Agreement (403.7) requirements.

Areas in Which You Can Further Your Study

Addiction Studies Economics Philosophy Sociology
Advertising  English Political Science Spanish
American Studies  History Psychology Special Education
Communication  Law Religion
Communication Disorders  Middle School Education Secondary Education
Criminal Justice  Music Social Work

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