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Career Advising and Educational Planning

Component C Team Members

Katie Peterson* Coordinator for Extended Learning 
Kaylyn Bondy Vice President for Student Affairs
Leah Hoffman  Mental Health Counselor  
Crystal Hotchkiss Registrar, Research Analyst
Cassandra Waste Strengthening Institutions Grant & Career Pathways & Advising Support Manager

*Denotes Team Chair

 Year 5 Tasks 

*A focus on post-grant institutionalization and phasing of management of new systems into permanent assignments and workloads.
*Implement SEPS for online students having completed more than 30 credits.
*Final year focuses on completing integration of career advising SEPS across the college, with modifications has needed to improve effectiveness. 
*Continuation and scaling-up of all activities listed in previous years, with on-going assessment of effectiveness of advising and counseling/educational planning services.  

For more information about the Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant at Williston State College please contact Cassandra Waste, Strengthening Institution Program Manager at

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