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Title III Strengthening Institutions Program Grant

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The objective of the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program Grant is to expand the capacity to serve students by providing funds to improve and strengthen academic quality, fiscal stability and/or institutional management. Williston State College was awarded the grant in the amount of $1,951,169 to be used over the next five years in three key areas:

            Strategies for Math and English

            Faculty Development and High Impact Strategies

            Career Advising and Education Planning

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For more information about the Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant at Williston State College please contact Cassandra Waste, Strengthening Institution Program Manager at  

Components of the Grant Steering Committee Minutes 2014-2016 Resources
Strategies For Math & English  September 3, 2014 Title III Personnel 
Faculty Development & High Impact Strategies  September 17, 2014 Pathways to Completion Flowchart 
Career Advising and Educational Planning  October 28, 2014 Survey of Entering Student Engagement 
  November 12, 2014 Priorities Survey for Online Learners 
  January 20, 2015 2013 Annual Performance Report 
  February 24, 2015 2014 Annual Performance Report 
  April 15, 2015 2015 Annual Performance Report 
  May 06, 2015  
  August 21, 2015  
  September 21, 2015  
  November 6, 2015  
  February 3, 2016  
  March 31, 2016  
  May 03, 2016