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NDUS Academic Affairs Council

Williston State College is a member of the Academic Affairs Council for the North Dakota University System. The Academic Affairs Council provides guidance and leadership for academic programs and policies throughout the North Dakota University System. The council helps the State Board of Higher Education, University System campuses and University System office identify student educational needs and challenges and develop strategies for addressing those issues. The Academic Affairs Council also fosters communication and coordination between system institutions and with tribal and private colleges in the state. Council members include the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, chief academic officers from each campus and student and faculty representatives. The council meets on a monthly basis. For information on Academic Affairs Policies click here. 

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Academic Affairs Council Report
March 11, 2015

                Topic Action Comments
Adult Learning Center Approved as a Center  
Administrative Assistant Terminated  
Accounting Activated Replaced Administrative Assistant - Accounting
Agronomy Technician CIP Code changed  
Agronomy Technician Terminated  
CDL prefix Approved  
Entrepreneurship Terminated  
FREN Approved  
Marketing-Management Terminated   Incorporated into Business Management certificate
Administrative Assistant - Health Information Management Terminated  
Health Information Management Approved  
Massage Therapy Closure of Minot & Bismarck sites - Approved  
Organizational Change Approved  
Organizational Change Step 2 Approved  
Paraeducator Terminated  
Petroleum Production Technology Approved  
Physical Therapist Assistant Inactive Status  
Physical Therapist Assistant - Part I Inactive Status National Accreditation Information
Physical Therapist Assistant - Part II Inactive Status National Accreditation Information
Residential Carpentry Technology Approved  
Small Business Development Center Approved as a Center  
Welding Technology Approved  


Topic Action Comments
Computer Systems Specialist Terminated Replaced by Information Technology
The Western Star Career and Technology Center - Building & Name - Part 1Part 2 Approved This building is a WSC building based on legislation.


Topic Action Comments
Automotive Technology Inactive Status  
ELEC prefix Approved  
BAS - Applied Management - Stage II Not Approved  
Information Technology Approved Replaced Computer Systems Specialist to better match NITC program title
Information Processing Terminated  
Information Technology - NITC agreement   Additional documentation to justify title change
BSN - Nursing Stage I Approved (MaSU) Affects the DNP program


Topic Action  
Agronomy Technician Terminated  
Automotive Technology Re-Activated for Dual Credit  
Petroleum Automation & Control Technology - Stage I Not Approved  
American Studies Terminated  
Paralegal - Stage I Approved  


Topic Action Comments
General & Technical Studies Terminated Replaced by Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Approved Replaced General & Technical Studies
Medical Transcription Terminated  
UNIV prefix Approved  
HIM prefix Approved  
Diesel Technology Termination  
Transportation Technician Technology Approved  


Topic Action
Medical Billing & Coding Terminated  
Medical Billing Approved  
Medical Editing Approved  
Petroleum Production Technology CoCs Approved  
Health Information Management Inactive Status  
Transportation Technician Technology CoCs Approved  


Topic                                                       Action                                                                                                                   
Administrative Assistant Inactive Status
Automotive Technology Inactive Status
Geographic Information Systems Inactive Status
Marketing Inactive Status
Medical Administrative Assistant  Inactive Status
Residential Carpentry  Inactive Status